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Armoloy Company of Philadelphia . Armoloy TDC and NTDC Coatings
Thin Dense Chromium Coatings . Friction . Wear . Corrosion Resistant Solutions . Electroplating, Electrocoating

Armoloy : Thin Dense Precision Chromium Coating for Superior Metal Protection
Plastics & Rubber Molding . Linear Motion . Bearings . Automotive . OEM Machine Tools . Food Procesing & Packaging . Die Casting
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ARMOLOY® Company of Philadelphia since 1969
Thin Dense Chromium Coatings , Friction, Wear and Corrosion Resistant Solutions
Extend the Life of Your Components with ARMOLOY Thin Dense Chromium Coatings
Wear Resistance Chromium Coating
Croydon, PA
Protect your investment with
Armoloy Company Philadelphia Armoloy TDC
    Armoloy thin dense chromium coatings
are applied to shafts to provide corrosion resistance.
Armoloy Exclusive Technology gives maximum protection and unparalleled performance.
  • Plastics & Rubber Molding
  • Linear Motion
  • Bearings
  • Automotive
  • OEM Machine Tools
  • Food Processing & Packaging
  • Die Casting

  • Protects metals from wet and dry abrasion
  • Reduced wear and friction of moving parts
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • No chipping, cracking or peeling from the base metal
  • Improved release characteristics on plastic molds
  • Reduced maintenance and machinery replacement costs
  • Smoother, faster and quieter running equipment
  The components that have been protected by Armoloy® most often include:  
  Production Machinery
Packaging Equipment
Feed System Hoppers
Cutting Blades
Chopping and Coring Tools
Laboratory Equipment
Sealing Equipment

Whether your process is Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion Molding, Reaction Injection Molding, you can improve the speed and efficiency of your molding operation. The smooth, micro-nodular surface of Armoloy chromium coatings enables you to get shorter fill and cycle times. Armoloy reduces maintenance and downtime problems by extending the life of your mold components by as much as 10 fold. The extremely hard surface of Armoloy (HRC 78) protects against wear, particularly when glass-filled and mineral-filled resins are being formed. Mold surfaces stay cleaner for longer periods and require less maintenance with Armoloy coatings. Even burnt on plastic or rubber can be quickly removed. Armoloy coatings can be applied to all ferrous and most non-ferrous metals, including Ampcoloy Bronze and Beryllium Copper. Armoloy coatings can maintain the textured surfaces of existing mold finishes or can be polished and buffed to improve reflectivity to SPI A-3.

The mold components that have been treated with Armoloy most often include:
Cavities, Spider Dies, Die Retainers, Coextrusion Diverters. Extrusion Dies, Blocks, Rams, Spreaders, Breaker Plates, Nozzles/Ports, Gates, Lifters, Adapters, Plungers
-> Plastics & Rubber Molding

Linear Motion components are prevalent in many industries including Packaging, Material Handling, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Factory Automation, Robotics, Solar and Wind Energy. Armoloy chromium coatings protect these components from wear and corrosion, improve speed of operation and reduce noise levels by reducing friction. In particular, when Armoloy coated surfaces run against each other, friction is reduced to the minimum.The precision coating thickness achieved with Armoloy is a welcome benefit to design Engineers and manufacturers, and unlike conventional chrome plating. Armoloy does not require any post grinding or post polishing processes. Choosing Armoloy to coat components made of carbon steel reduces costs and provides superior performance to stainless steel.

The components that have been treated with Armoloy most often include:
Linear Rails, Guide Ways, Slides, Carriages, Spindles, Shafts, Ball Screws, Lead Screws, Roller Bearings, Rack and Pinions, Profile Rails, Positioning, Devices
-> Linear Motion

The lifetime and performance of bearings can be improved by the application of Armoloy chromium coatings. Manufacturers can choose standard ferrous steels such as SAE 52100 and coat their bearing components with Armoloy to obtain corrosion protection equal to or better than 440C Stainless Steel. Additional features such as improved wear resistance, less fatigue resistance, and improved machinability add to the overall cost benefits. Armoloy can successfully be used on bearings of the highest tolerance (ABEC 9) with engineering deposits of .00005” - .0001”. The unique, nodular surface of the Armoloy coatings reduces surface friction in the bearing raceways. Surface hardness is increased to HRC 78. Bearing operating temperatures may be reduced which may also increase lifetime performance.

The bearing components that have been treated with Armoloy most often include:
Ball Bearings, Inner Races, Blocks, Needles, Linear Shafting, Roller Bearings, Outer Races, Carriages, Slides, Geared Bearings
-> Bearings

Armoloy TDC (Thin Dense Chromium) coatings reduce scrap rates and lower labor costs in the automotive industry. The smooth, micro-nodular surface of the Armoloy coatings promotes waste reduction by minimizing the use of lubricants. Clean-up and set-up times are subsequently reduced. Armoloy reduces premature wear and pick-up, allowing more hits per run and less maintenance downtime. Armoloy is 99+ percent Chromium and welding maintenance can be accomplished without compromising the coating. Armoloy is guaranteed not to chip, flake or peel. The coatings are especially successful in die-casting applications. All types of nitride surfaces can be successfully coated. All ferrous and most non-ferrous metals can be successfully protected.

The components most often treated in the Automotive Industry include:
Forming Tools/Punches, Draw Dies, Plastic Molds, Rubber Molds, Thrust, Bearings, Ball Nuts, Stamping Dies, Progressive Dies, Linear Motion, Welding, Spatter Buildup, Clutches
-> Automotive

Armoloy Chromium coatings provide outstanding wear and corrosion protection for machine tools of all types. The Armoloy process ensures the deposition of precise (normally .0001” to .0003” thick) deposits of 99% chromium to virtually any metal surface, with the exception of Aluminum, Magnesium and Titanium. This low friction, nodular surface finish is highly beneficial for metal-to-metal contact between machine tool components. For minimal friction designs, Armoloy should be applied to all metal surfaces that are in moving contact with one another. Since Armoloy is a cold processing technology (<180 degress F.) the base metal will not be annealed or distorted, and the risk of hydrogen embrittlement will be minimized. Armoloy chromium coatings are particularly beneficial to those base metals that have been hardened in the anticipation of high wear… in these cases the surface hardness can be increased to HRC 78. Armoloy coatings can be applied to nitride surfaces. All nitrided components submitted for Armoloy processing should be clearly identified.

The mold components that have been treated with Armoloy most often include:
Shafts, Bearing Races, Spindles, Gears, Splines, Slides, Guide Ways, Pins, Linear Rails, Rollers, Collets, Cams, Bolts, Locknuts, Housings, Retainers
-> OEM Machine Tools

Armoloy® chromium coatings protect a variety of metal components that are utilized in the food and beverage industry. Component lifetime is extended by protection against wear and corrosion. Friction is reduces by the unique, nodular, thin dense chromium surface finish.
This finish makes food industry lubricants more effective by trapping them in its micro nodular surface. Armoloy is FDA/USDA approved for use, without concern, on food processing equipment. Armoloy is washable, non-toxic, and non-absorbent. Its smooth, continuous surface can be repeatedly cleaned and disinfected. Amoloy firmly adheres to all grades of stainless steel and will not chip, crack, flake or peel.
Armoloy coatings can withstand temperature above 1400 degress F.

The components that have been protected by Armoloy most often include:
Production Machinery, Packaging Equipment, Augers, Shafts , Cutting Blades, Feed System Hoppers, Chopping and Coring Tools, Laboratory Equipment, Molds, Rails, Chutes, Rollers, Slides, Sealing Equipment
-> Food Procesing & Packaging

Die Casting companies chose Armoloy chromium coatings to increase their production efficiency and reduce their maintenance costs. Armoloy increases the wear resistance of die components due to its hardness (HRC 78). Hardened metal parts benefit the most with the Armoloy surface finish. The low coefficient of friction of Armoloy’s nodular surface provides high lubricity and holds lubricants better than the base metal.The major benefits of Armoloy chromium coatings are reduced drag, reduced soldering problems, corrosion protection (especially during storage of dies not in use) and substantial reduction of lubricant usage during die casting operations.

The components that have been treated with Armoloy most include:
Core Pins, Ejector Pins, Cavity Inserts, Blade Inserts, Removable Cores, Slide Cores, Interchangeable Cores, Weight Saver Inserts
-> Die Casting

Armoloy Exclusive Technology gives maximum protection and unparalleled performance. HRC 78 SURFACE HARDNESS Use Armoloy for friction, wear and
corrosion resistance
What is ARMOLOY Thin Dense Chromium Coating? chromium coating for augers ARMOLOY coated parts reduce friction, increase wear life and enhance corrosion resistance.
Wherever ARMOLOY-to-ARMOLOY coated parts contact each other, these characteristics are further enhanced for even less friction, longer life and corrosion resistance.

Talk to our ARMOLOY sales engineer about this unique ARMOLOY advantage.
ARMOLOY is a low-temperature, multi-state metal finishing process based on chrome plating technology.
Unlike conventional chrome plating processes, ARMOLOY utilizes proprietary chemical solutions and application processes that are carefully monitored to produce its TDC (thin dense chromium) coating which follows the exact contours of the base metal with controlled deposit thicknesses.
Value-added benefits of ARMOLOY TDC Coating ARMOLOY can be applied to all gas nitrided surfaces.
  • Protects metals from wet and dry abrasion
  • Reduced wear and friction of moving parts

  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • No chipping, cracking or peeling from the base metal
  • Improved release characteristics on plastic molds
  • Reduced maintenance and machinery replacement costs
  • Smoother, faster and quieter running equipment
All nitrided components submitted for ARMOLOY® coating must be clearly marked and identified as nitrided parts.
A Wide Range of Base Metals Suitable for Armoloy Coating:
  • Stainless Steels (All)
  • Tool Steels
  • Cold/Hot Roll
  • Bearing Grade Steels (52100, M-50, BG-42, etc.)
  • Alloy-enhanced Steels
  • Pre-hardened Steels
  • High/Low Carbon Steels
  • Cast Iron


  • Bronze
  • Inconel
  • Beryllium
  • Copper/Copper Alloys
  • Brass
Aluminum, magnesium, and titanium are not recommended for Armoloy coating.
Extraordinary Properties
ARMOLOY technology is unlike any other conventional chromium coating. Our proprietary process and coating conforms to existing metal surfaces with amazing detail, creating a hard, slippery and corrosive resistant surface.
All threads, flutes, even scratches and blemishes are reproduced in detail with 100% adhesion to all base metals. RMS finishes will improve slightly, to 8.
Surfaces greater than 62 will be greatly improved.
Internal and external surfaces on nearly all shapes and configurations can be uniformly processed. In general, slots or grooves less than 0.187" wide, having a depth greater than width, and bores less than 0.187" diameter may not be uniformly processed. Such parts should be submitted for test applications. Used as the final coating on parts and equipment, Armoloy imparts an attractive satiny silver matte or nodular finish. Armoloy chromium coatings are a superior alternatives
to surface finishes such as "flash" hard chrome, Gullite,
Duralloy Thin Dense Plating, Metalife Hard Chrome Plating
ARMOLOY Chromium Coating
ARMOLOY technology has refined a process where its 99% pure chromium coating permeates the microscopic surface of metal surfaces creating 100% bonding characteristics that will not allow chipping, flaking or separation from the base metal. ARMOLOY Chromium Coating
Tough Wear Resistant Protection   Uniform Deposits for Precision Coating
Vickers Diamond measurements produce a 1360 - 1400 hardness

Deposit Tolerances
(1.0 - 2.5 microns)
(+0.05 microns)
* (2.5-5 microns)
(+1.25 microns)
(5-10 microns)

(10-18 microns)
± .0001"
( +2.5 microns)

± .000150"
(+ 3.8 microns)
* Normal proven average deposits are in the
.0001/.0002" per side range.

Low Friction Coefficient  
ARMOLOY is a low friction coating due to its unique finish.
The low coefficient of friction is invaluable especially in situations where extreme temperatures are involved.
No Hydrogen Embrittlement   Resists Corrosion
ARMOLOY prevents the hydrojen embrittlement phenomenon from occurring (original conditions may not, necessarily, be removed). ARMOLOY will not significantly affect the tensile, yield or fatique properties of the base metal.
Pre/Post baking available upon request or specification.
  ARMOLOY resists attacks by most organic and inorganic compounds with the exception of sulfuric and hydrochloric acids.
Of course, base metal porosity, surface finish and other imperfections affect basic corrosion-resistant properties.
All base metals with the ARMOLOY coating are enhanced.
Conforms to ASTM-B117 and others.
ARMOLOY Takes the Heat   Safety First
Withstands temperature of -400ºF to 1600ºF.
At elevated temperatures above 1200ºF it will react with carbon monoxide, sulfur vapor and phosphorous. A bright red heat oxidation occurs in steam or alkali hydroxide atmospheres. Hardness and wear resistance will be reduced, to some degree, at temperatures above 1400F.
  With ARMOLOY's strength also comes safety.
FDA/USDA approved for use without concern on food processing equipment and pharmaceutical applications. It has passed numerous skin irritation and toxological tests (NAMSA).
Creating Technology Solutions to Enhance Your Product's Value
The ARMOLOY Corporate Laboratory   The ARMOLOY Shield: Five Points of Promise
Through research and development we continue to enhance our technology, develop new coatings and expand ARMOLOY applications.  
  1. The highest quality chromium coating in the industry
  2. The most effective performance from any chromium product.
  3. A competitive price and overall cost savings.
  4. Consistent, unmatched, on-time delivery.
  5. Personalized consulting service and continuing education.
Plastics & Rubber Molding . Linear Motion . Bearings . Automotive . OEM Machine Tools . Food Procesing & Packaging . Die Casting
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